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All our figurines are from Murano and range from the traditional to the limited edition collector pieces.

All of the masters who produce these figurines are registered with the “Vetro Artistico Murano”




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   Shop K4, Winston Hills Mall          Caroline Chisholm Drive           Winston Hills, NSW, 2153      Australia


      02 9620 6986                 


Trading Hours:

  9:00 to 5:30  M,T,W & F

9:00 to 9:00  Thursday

9:00 to 5:00  Saturday

10:00 to 4:00  Sunday


Glitter silver stars

    MLE-001     Origin :   Murano




MLE-002     Origin :   Murano

















  MURANO RANGE     MLE-001     Origin :   Murano   MLE-002     Origin :   Murano  


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    Necklaces & Bracelets



   Limited Edition Collector         Glass

--Glitter stars


MLE-003     Origin :   Murano  MLE-003     Origin :   Murano



MLE-004     Origin :   Murano










  TOV RANGE     MLE-003     Origin :   Murano   MLE-004     Origin :   Murano    
Necklaces & Bracelets
Swarovski items
Glass Pearls




     Necklaces & Bracelets

     Swarovski items

     Glass Pearls


Glitter Silver Stars


MLE-005     Origin :   Murano  MLE-005     Origin :   Murano


  MLE-006     Origin :   Murano    
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